Cannabis Security and video Security and access control the dues and don’ts.

Most video camera installers and security people can do a good job but most of them will do the same mistakes in setting up and installing the system’s. I will show you just sum of them and things you should look for.

The View is being blocked by the lights and the camera can not see what is going on inside the room
this camera is ok but not good you can see most of the room but not all
this camera was put in before anything was put into the room so now the camera is blocked
here is a good view but you don’t see down the aisle the camera is actually mounted to high to see good , the lights are below the camera if you moved the camera down below the lights you will then see all activity in the room, now when you do this you will need more cameras in the room.
you need to have a camera that can see the people face when they walk into the store and a way to see how tall and more this will help to identify some one in court.

a second camera to see the side view and the room with the time and date on the screen. most just use this view and not a face view camera

a view like this is not to see a face but to see what is being given and or see hands at a counter.

Using a good system will help keep the store secure and safe, the right access control will do the same as wall, now most will say the best is the most expensive system is the best, but in truth all systems will work in the same way. so when you install one system you need to know how it will be used and how meany people will be using it, I found that the best type of access control system is a simply one.

you most know how a lock works to get the right system.

this is a good view and a good placed camera
this door has access control on it with a key lock
there is no access control or a key lock on the door
there is no security on this room and no video on the doors

the video in this room was taken out

this room has the access control and a key lock but the key is in the door the eye wash is not in its place the safety of this room is not good
the camera is ok but you can not see down the hall
now look at this no room to get to the doors and the bucket’s are on the grow not stacked safely
this room has no eyewash and the key is in the door you have a cart in front of the door now how safe is this?
now having a good security monitor so you can see the out side and where customers will be is important for your security
keep a good clean IT Room is a must
this is a good clean room for all and it is good safety as wall