Why is Y.C.L-soft so knowledgeable on the security system and video system and locks?

To start off with Michael at the age of 14 started out on making computers at home, and it moved in to security and locked at the age of 17 went to a locksmith school and became a locksmith in the year of 1984. from there took classes at the colleges for computer and worked as a locksmith,

Later worked as a security officer for 3 years then moved into the networking security for a financial company doing the security for the stores and the network security for more then 20 years, wall at this financial company we never had a successful breach of security.

I then took the opportunity to expand into the cannabis field wile doing and installing setup planing and building the network and security procedures and more for the past 7 years.

I have taken security procedure classes and crime scene classes and more for the past 25 years. To take a class and to work in the field are two different things; when you take a class you learn how to do but when you are working in the field you learn how to do the job the right way. You may learn one way but to do the right way is more then a book or a class.

To see how a business works and to work in that business are a bit contrasting, you must know how a job is done to know how to set it up. I have worked in the food industry and received my health card, done the OSHA regulations, got my health and safety classes. All of these plays in the way a security system needs to be placed and installed and the way you run the security on a Cannabis business. Now you know a casino has the best security system out there, I have taken the same way a casino does the video and placed it into a Cannabis business with all the health and safety in mind.

Now I can list all the jobs i have done for the past 40 years but I don’t believe that says all about me, I will do more than what you need, I will give you the state and local reg so you will be able to open without it costing you too much money than you need to. I do lookup and read all the laws and ordnance so we will not have to stop and redo anything.